Examen 70-461 V001


#1. Your database contains two tables named DomesticSalesOrders and InternationalSalesOrders. Both tablescontain more than 100 million rows. Each table has a Primary Key column named SalesOrderId. The datain the two tables is distinct from one another. Business users want a report that includes aggregateinformation about the total number of global sales and total sales amounts. You need to ensure that yourquery executes in the minimum possible time. Which query should you use?

#2. You use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database to develop a shopping cart application. You need to rotate the unique values of the ProductName field of a table-valued expression into multiple columns in the output. Which Transact-SQL operator should you use?



#3. You create a stored procedure that will update multiple tables within a transaction. You need to ensure thatif the stored procedure raises a run-time error, the entire transaction is terminated and rolled back. WhichTransact-SQL statement should you include at the beginning of the stored procedure




#4. You develop a database for a travel application. You need to design tables and other database objects. You create a view that displays the dates and times of the airline schedules on a report. You need to display dates and times in several international formats. What should you do?




#5. You develop a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database. You need to create a batch process that meets the following requirements: Returns a result set based on supplied parameters. Enables the returned result set to perform a join with a table. Which object should you use?

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